Failure of touchpads in laptops isnít uncommon, though less discussed. Usually, users start using a replacement USB mouse assuming the issue could be with the hardware. However, we could try quite some troubleshooting steps before concluding that the issue could be with the hardware.

Try the following troubleshooting sequentially to eliminate every cause and fix issues one by one:

1] Try connecting an external USB mouse temporarily. This would help you check in case the issue is with the operating system or any other related hardware. Usually, the external mouse would work fine thus eliminating the cause.

2] Update the touchpad drivers and restart the system. Open the Device Manager (Run >> devmgmt.msc) and expand Mice and other pointing devices. Right-click on the Touchpad driver and select Update driver.

3] If updating the drivers as mentioned in solution 2 didnít work, try the option ďAutomatically update your drivers.Ē