Mobile devices (Android and iOS) can be connected to a Windows 10 system either through a data cable or wirelessly. By doing so you can access the contents of the mobile device through the File Explorer.

At times, you might encounter the error 0x80030001 while attempting to import media from the mobile device to your Windows 10 system.

The cause of this issue has not been confirmed, however, we know that it is common with both Android and iOS devices, thus the problem should not be with the built of the mobile device itself.

How to resolve error 0x80030001 when importing media in Windows Explorer?

The problem occurs when the user tries to copy the file from the search results after searching it from in the File Explorer. The fix would be to open the location of the file and copy it from there. Then paste it to the target location on your system.

How to find the location of the file in the File Explorer?

To find the location of any file mentioned in the search results in File Explorer, right-click on the file and select Open Location.

This resolution was referred from a discussion on the Apple forum here.