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Thread: Windows 10 hates WiFi

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    Red face Windows 10 hates WiFi

    I have been encountering this issue with the WiFi a lot lately and now it's not even working. The problem is that my WiFi connection and icon (both) disappear after a couple of minutes. All of my settings are fine and I have all of the latest updates for my laptop because I went to the Microsoft Store and had them fix various glitches through the update. I now can not find my WiFi connection and icon at all now so I have been using the Ethernet.

    I hope this can get resolved.....

    Thank you!

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    Have you tried anything like reinstalling the wireless network adapter driver? Have the Microsoft people at the Store told you about the cause of this glitch? Was your computer upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10? Have you got any VPN software installed which may be causing this?

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    I guess you could try updating Windows 10 if it helps. This issue is strange.

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    Red face

    Thanks for sharing this link. it's helped to me.

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