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Thread: Storage Sense clean files is not working properly

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    Default Storage Sense clean files is not working properly

    I have a 2-in-1 Tablet PC, a 'small storage device' with nominal 64 GB (less in reality). I am very low on free storage space on my OS drive C, despite frequent cleaning and various other actions, so I need the 'clean now' function in Storage Sense to work as expected---but it does not. It fails in two main ways: 1. Downloaded files reports 8 GB to be available, but my attempts to release it have not succeeded 2. Compressing the drive is reported as making 10 GB available. Again, it does not. I have compressed the drive and gained just about 2 GB, giving me a total of 5 GB free, while the space to be gained remains at the original 10 GB.

    Before the Reserve Space was installed, unannounced, presumably in preparation for the 'May update' my OS ran well enough with between 10 to 15 GB free (so 7 GB Reserve plus 5 GB free is about right). I would like to add more free space if possible. but the only option remaining after various cleanups, etc, is what is supposed to be made available using Storage Sense.

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    I have found Storage Sense to be unreliable and hence still use the Disk Cleanup Tool.

    Nevertheless the only way for you to go forward is to see if running the System File Checker helps.

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