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Thread: How to reinstall Microsoft Store in Windows 10

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    Default How to reinstall Microsoft Store in Windows 10

    Hello. I was wondering if someone might be able to help with reinstalling the Windows Store app. I uninstalled it using Get-AppxPackage -allusers | Remove-AppxPackage -allusers. It doesn't show up anywhere now in the registry or in the app folder under Program Files.

    Is there a way to reinstall it? Can I copy it from another machine and run the Add-AppxPackage -register command?

    Also, I tried doing a repair install with an image of Windows 10 Pro. I checked the install.wim file for the Store app and it was there. However, it does not reinstall the store on the machine for some reason.

    Thank you

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    Use 10AppsManager to reinstall the Microsoft Store easily.

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