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Thread: “Reset this PC” boot loop

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    Default “Reset this PC” boot loop

    I’m trying to reset my PC, and I was almost successful until I was forced to restart it while it was reinstalling windows, fortunately there wasn’t much trouble with it, until I went to reset it again and selected the option to save my personal files instead of delete everything, now it is asking for me to log in to my Microsoft account to continue, however the password is broken or has changed in some way, as it is not allowing me to access my account even though I know the password is correct (I went to Microsoft and signed in on my phone with the same password) now anytime I restart my laptop it boots into the “Reset this PC” screen and wants me to login, which I obviously can’t, and when i click on the “forgot your password or don’t see your account” it only allows me to restart, which brings me back to the same screen. I don’t care about my files at this point, I just want access to my laptop, I’ve tried manually restarting the PC 3 times to boot into safe mode but nothing works, it just brings me back to the same screen, is there any possible fix to this? Or anyone who has had the same problem?

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    Step 1: Enter CWM Recovery Screen. Different models of Android phone have different ways to enter CWM Recovery screen.

    Step 2: Advanced Operations. Use the volume key to select advanced > choose wipe dalvik cache > go to mounts & storage > choose wipe /cache.

    Step 3: Reboot Your Phone.

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