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Thread: Battery Charging Issues --- right and wrong?

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    Default Battery Charging Issues --- right and wrong?

    There have been a couple of interesting articles re battery charging pointed out to me via the regular emails I receive. Over the years I have read similar article but remain confused over a specific issue ---- is the battery damaged by leaving it connected after full charge, and by running down to near zero?

    The advice given by their well informed authors contradict one another, in particular regarding 'over charging'. Some say with modern batteries and hardware the battery is not harmed and anyway charging is now turned off automatically, whereas others say harm is likely, some suggesting keeping the battery between 50% and 80% is advisable. Who is more likely to be right, or is the answer 'neither'? And why?

    This is especially important to users of most hybrid 2-in-1 Tablet PCs (and tablets generally?) because most have sealed cases and soldered in batteries, making it very difficult (though not impossible) to replace the battery. My experience (in the UK)is that hardware repair businesses are likely to say it is not worthwhile, just chuck the computer away and buy a new one. Somewhat drastic, especially if like mine the machine, an AllDo Cube 10.1, has been good for 4 years so far.

    When (not if) my battery starts to fail, will it as temporary measure, work using an external battery bank? Out of curiosity I have recharged my PC this way, which worked. However, that is not the same as running the computer from the bank, plus the lesser point that it did run down the bank quite rapidly.

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    Most of the battery-powered devices including phones come with an internal circuit which stops charging when its 100%. To be sure, its best to connect with OEM support guys, and figure if yours has a similar circuit which takes care of overcharging.

    Regarding draining, it is best to not drop it below 20%. It slightly helps in the longevity of the battery as the number of full recharge will be less.

    I dont see any issue charging from a power bank. If its working its fine. But yeah, it will take a toll on the battery life of the bank.

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