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Thread: Select several, but not all, taskbar buttons to end programs

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    Default Select several, but not all, taskbar buttons to end programs

    In WindowsXP, let's say I had 5 programs or folders open, each with a button on the taskbar, & I wanted to close 3 of them. I could quickly Ctrl+click the 3 buttons, right click any of them, & close the group. In Windows 10, I can't do this.

    I know I can group certain buttons & then close them, but that would require knowing in advance which I wanted to close as a group. I also know there's a way to close all the buttons at once.

    Does anyone know of a utility or tweak that would let me Ctrl+click buttons on the taskbar & then close/minimize them all.
    Thank you in advance!

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    2019-09-28 (13).jpg

    Trying to understand if I am getting it right. When you hover File Explorer, you get to see preview of all open windows. You can now CNTRL+ Click on the X button to close them individually.

    Am I getting you right?

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    No such tweak is available per what I know. One method to minimize all windows is to press Windows Key + D. That will take you to the desktop view after minimizing all open app windows.

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