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Thread: Browser issues

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    Default Browser issues

    After trying over and over to set chrome as my default and still having windows over rule and default back to edge or ie I finally had enough and disabled edge and ie. I hoped that if they were no longer available the system would allow me to use chrome. Now in some instances there is no "open with" option available, right click won't open any menu, not even "copy link" (at least then I could paste it into chrome) and left click is unresponsive.

    Is there any option available to over rule this impasse imposed by microsoft? Any suggestions most gratefully welcomed!

    PS I tried to post in this forum about a week ago and although my posr did submit successfully I believe it was then held pending admin approval. Is there active admin on this forum moderating new posts? I never got any notification that my post was denied approval and neither does it appear to have posted. Advice appreciated.

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    Dealing with Browser Problems

    Scan for malware. Browser problems can be a sign of malware, though it's certainly not the most common cause of them.

    Clear the cache.

    Disable add-ons.

    Disable security software.

    Reinstall the browser.

    Use a different browser.

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