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Thread: how can i invert audio players icons ?

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    Default how can i invert audio players icons ?

    I'm arabic and i used to

    right for next file

    left for previous file

    when i hover above mini player in task bar it's become the oppsite :left for next right for previous

    when i use wmp & aimp or any other media/audio player to go to the next track i have press to the right icon ->
    but when minimize aimp in the taskbar things goes to opssite to play the next track i have to click the left icon <- !!
    i want to make the make right icon -> always playes next track in both situations
    i have photos to describe the problem but i cant upload or put url !!

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    Type Troubleshooting in the search bar next to
    Start icon, and select the top most search result.
    Click on View all option from the left side panel of the window,
    Select Windows Media Player DVD from the listed options, click on
    Advanced option, and check Apply repairs automatically
    Follow the on screen instructions.

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    Can you check the preferences of the media player, and see if there is a setting which allows you to change the configuration

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