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Thread: Unable to remove non icon apps from "Apps and features".

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    Question Unable to remove non icon apps from "Apps and features".

    Hello, Ive been searching for over a week for a way to remove previously deleted apps in "apps and features". I purchased a new secondary harddrive a few monthes back and deleted alot of apps from my primary. Now when i go into "Apps and features", i see the app titles and no icon next to it that. Im unable to delete the title, it says "Window cannot find E:\****\***\***. I search for any file, uninstaller or icon that is associated with the app but cannot find anything to remove. Right now i have over 15 non icon programs showing up in the "Apps and features" that cannot do anything with. Please help!

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    Are you now having both hard disk attached?Where were those apps installed earlier?in E: drive partition? Have you made any changes to your Primary HD partitions after adding the new HD? Remove the new HD & see if you can correctly remove? Else try to install again those apps & then uninstall & see if those no icon text gets removed?

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    What looks like is you have moved apps to another drive, and detached it. Please reconnect and move them back

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