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Thread: Disappearing/Deleting files. So much data lost

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    Angry Disappearing/Deleting files. So much data lost

    I have been stressing out trying to solve a new issue thats just arised today. I have a laptop thats only about 3 months old, running windows 10 1909 and when I turned it on today I saw my downloads folder is empty. I tried to download another file which it did successfully but within 3 seconds it disappears from the downloads folder.

    Its not windows update, I have that disabled and blocked.
    Its not automatic maintenance, I have that disabled
    Its not storage spaces, I have that disabled
    Its not disk clean up, I didn't run it.
    I disabled windows defender and firewall, didn't help.
    Uninstalled norton AV that was bundled with my laptop, didn't help
    Checked event logs and couldn't find anything useful.
    Scoured the forums and found nothing useful.

    I can download to another location and it appears to be ok, but its a school laptop and I'm scared to continue using it and losing my course material and assignments.

    I don't know what else to try and where else to look. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Go to Settings > System > Storage.
    Toggle on the Storage Sense feature.
    Toggle off the Storage Sense

    If that's not the issue, then School configured your laptop? It is possible they have to do something with it.

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