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Thread: What new to expect in Windows 7.

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    Post What new to expect in Windows 7.

    So what’s in this soon-to-be-delivered Windows 7 pre-beta build? Here are a few new features Microsoft will provide, according to various individuals who’ve had a chance to see and hear about the forthcoming PDC pre-beta build.

    * Device Stage – a central location for customers to more easily interact with devices, ranging from printers, cameras, cell phones, media players, etc. Device Stage will only recognize “Device-Stage-enabled” peripherals. According to additional info on Microsoft’s WinHEC site, “Device Stage is a new way for consumers to manage, explore, sync, print to, or do other common device-related tasks.

    * Action Center — a self-diagnosis feature to help users troubleshoot problems with their Windows 7 systems

    * StreamOn — a way to control audio/video content on PCs and devices

    * A new animation framework for customizing animations

    * New task bar and shell integration

    * Multi-touch and gesture recognition — something Microsoft showed off earlier this year in an early Windows 7 preview

    * Improved Bluetooth support

    * Ribbons, ribbons everywhere. As was evident in the leaked September M3 build, Microsoft is adding its Ribbon UI to the applets that are part of Windows 7.

    Microsoft also appears to on track to deliver a public beta of Windows 7 by mid-December this year, and final by next year or so.

    You may also want to check out Windows 7 Pre-release (M3) Privacy Supplement for FULL details of what to expect

    Driver Protection is one new feature mentioned that helps prevent Windows 7 from starting drivers that are known to cause stability problems.

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    Read it yesterday night. I am excited to see first glimpse of Windows 7

    One more good post on Windows 7: Windows 7: Will it be good enough?

    Although Microsoft is releasing pre-beta of Windows 7 today at PDC, you might be interested to watch the video of Windows 7 before its release. Yes, Windows 7 preview video is available at Microsoft download center which will give you the glimpse of Windows 7 and its features.

    But, before proceeding to Microsoft download center where the Video is available to download, make sure you have genuine Windows operating system as the Windows 7 preview video is available only to customers running genuine Microsoft Windows. In other words, you need to validate your Windows to download video.


    Download Windows 7 preview video


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    New Features of Windows 7 Unveiled. Though this is not the complete list, MS will do so one step at a time.

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