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Thread: Download Windows Automated Installation Kit ( WAIK ) for Windows 7 beta

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    Thumbs up Download Windows Automated Installation Kit ( WAIK ) for Windows 7 beta

    A new Version of Windows Automated Installation Kit is now available for Windows 7 beta. This new version help user to install,customize, and deploy the Windows 7 beta and also supported with Windows Server 2003 R2 SP3, Windows Vista family, Windows Server 2008 family including the Windows Server 2008 R2 family.

    The Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) is a set of tools and documentation that support the configuration and deployment of Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.. By using Windows AIK, you can automate Windows installations, capture Windows images with ImageX, configure and modify images using Deployment Imaging Servicing and Management (DISM), create Windows PE images, and migrate user profiles and data with the User State Migration Tool (USMT).

    Windows AIK ISO Image Direct Download Links

    WAIK English: KB3AIK_EN.iso
    WAIK German: KB3AIK_DE.iso
    WAIK Japanese: KB3AIK_JA.iso

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    Arrow Download Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 Beta

    Download link

    WAIK English | Download
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    wow with DSL/cable thats 4 hours download time...55 hours if on dialup?

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    Good. Thanks for the heads up

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