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Thread: Hack to change your Windows 7 Logon Wallpaper...and make it stay!

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    Default Hack to change your Windows 7 Logon Wallpaper...and make it stay!

    As everyone knows, Windows 7 "Officially" supports changing your logon wall paper - but it was broken in the RC 7100 Build, and it would change back shortly after you set it up.

    I've now found a way to fix this problem, and would like to offer it to anyone who wants to change their logon wallpaper!
    Here's what mine currently looks like (it's only blurry because I took it with my camera, haha:

    Anyway, follow these steps to do this yourself:
    1. Find any sized, awesome looking image that's in JPEG format, save it to somewhere on your pc. is a good place to check out.

    2. Download and run LogonChanger.exe as an administrator:

    3. Click, and then browse to the image. Press okay.

    4. Close LogonChanger. The wallpaper has now changed, but you now need to ensure it stays.

    5. Run the pre-prepared registry file found here, which will change the OEM_Logon wallpaper registry key to ensure the wallpaper doesn't change back. Make sure to hit yes.

    6. You're all done! You can change back the wallpaper at any time, or change it to another by just running logonchanger.exe now.

    All the files used have been scanned with ESET Smart Security, and have no viruses, guaranteed!

    This tutorial can also be found here (by me!).

    Let me know if it works for you, and share your new logon screen!
    Check out my blog while you're at it!

    Don't forget, this is an officially MS supported modification, it just needs a 3rd party tool to change it, so you are not making any drastic changes, all the APIs to support the change are in place, and the only thing the executable does is ensure the wallpaper is scaled to the right size.
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    nice! I was wondering why they didn't have that!

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    Interesting post, owenw Thanks.

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