The Versiera Internet management and monitoring system service is free to anyone and without limit to its use and the number of hosts one may register. Versiera is not open source, but the service is FREE.

NetCraft Communications Inc., a global provider of computer infrastructure management including multi-platform management, compliance, asset management, software distribution, monitoring, alerting and ticketing, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Versiera 3.0.

Versiera is a web-based management system that simplifies the common routine tasks performed by system administrators. Versiera offers a real-time view of all of your hardware, software along with their operational health. Organizations looking to consolidate management platforms or need to incorporate the latest in management technologies as well as cut operational costs can take advantage of the free Internet accessible Versiera management service. The hosted Versiera system remain FREE for anyone to use and anyone can start using Versiera in under 15 minutes.

Cross-platform: Versiera can monitor a wide range of open source and commercial platforms including Windows (incl. Windows 7 - 32/64bit), Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OS X and Solaris. Agent for embedded devices (i.e. routers based on OpenWRT/DD-WRT are in development).

Here are a few highlights from the list of major improvements and new features in this release:

- Automated Documentation System - HTML, RTF and PDF formats
- Inventory and monitoring of digital certificates
- Reporting of file systems, options and partition locations
- Reporting of IPv6 addressing, communications, listening ports and connections
- Extended Versiera agent support of 64bit systems

Standard Features include:

- Asset Management (hardware / firmware) and Application Inventory
- Monitoring - passive monitoring of host configuration and active states
- Monitoring - processor, memory, storage, processes, time synchronization, uptime, server connections
- Host network interface addressing, speed, duplex, listening ports (applications, paths, identities)
- Host accounts, groups, memberships
- Host storage capacity/usage, file systems and partitions
- Host schedules
- Host time zones, time synchronization
- Support Ticketing System
- Versiera Jobs and Scheduling
- Historical Graphs
- Historical host changes
- Compliance system
- Dashboards
- Service Probes - active protocol monitoring
- Alert notifications
- Audit log
- Versiera agents are assigned digital certificates and automatically managed
- Versiera agent use secure socket layer (SSL)

Versiera offers a real-time view of operational hardware, software and digital assets. Versiera architecture enables Internet Service Providers, systems management organizations and consultants to broaden their services without having director access to customer technology or data and is accomplished without having to build dedicated management interconnects to end customers. Versiera hosted service is offered at no cost and without limit to the number of managed systems.

Start Using Versiera: Versiera

More Information: NetCraft Communications