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Thread: Should I make the leap to Windows 7?

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    Default Should I make the leap to Windows 7?

    Hello, I am contemplating wether or not to switch to windows 7. as of now I have a working compaq presario(kinda old) running openSuse which is modestly usable. My main is a vista home premium. Specs are 2.33 quad 8gb ram gt120 gpu 3 hard drives. Should i switch to windows 7, wait until release date, or wait even later till sp1 or when updates roll in?

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    Windows 7 is to for GA (General Availability), on October 22. You can wait until then.
    There's no need to wait until the SP1, or what so ever, since even while in beta, and RC stages, Windows 7 has won accolades from beta testers, users, ...
    So one can expect the final (RTM) version, to be more efficient, in all terms

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    I'd suggest you try out Win 7 now as its in RC & is free. You'll be in a position to decide whether making the leap is justified when Win 7 comes out in October.

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    Try windows7 in a virtual partition. That does not cost any, is easy and if you want to end the experiment, you only have to delete 2 folders from your system - no complications with double booting, MBR's etc. PLUS; you can run Vista and W7 side by side and switch between them with one click.
    Here is a little tutorial on how to do that: ( ).

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    I'm not a computer expert but my guess would be you wait some months before buying windows 7 or installing windows 7 on your computer, as some bugs may and will probably come up. I think its best to buy it while its cheap (pre-order etc) but wait some time before you install it because, like windows vista in the beginning, there may be many bugs and issues although from what I've heard windows 7 is coming out very good. Too bad I live in Brazil and it will be much more expensive here to buy

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