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Thread: Windows 7 - Trusted Installer

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    Default Windows 7 - Trusted Installer

    Hello everyone, I'm Woody from England.

    I have a spare laptop which I've upgraded to W7 and added 2 gigs of Ram

    Runs realy well and very quick. However it only has a relatively small HD.

    I thought of removing some of the megabytes of Wallpaper etc. but whenever I try to delete a file I get the TRUSTEDINSTALLER DIALOGUE BOX pop up and telling me I cant carry on.

    Any ideas please?

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    Hi Woody,

    I'm not sure, but try this.

    Download our UWTweaker and use it to add Take ownership of files & also Take ownership of Folders, to your context menu, easily. Now using this right click context menu option, 'take ownership' of the folder/files. Now try and see if it works.

    Else open Task Manager and try to kill the TrustedInstaller.exe process which may be running. If you are unable to kill this process, open Services.msc and stop the Windows Module Installer service, that runs Trustedinstaller.exe. Now try.

    Hope something helps.

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