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Thread: Any way to change video format in Windows 7 Media Center

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    Question Any way to change video format in Windows 7 Media Center

    Hi I have started using media center to record tv shows there any way to change the video format that MC records in as i have no editing software that supports the format.

    any help would be greatly appreciated and profusely thanked

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    It is not possible to tell Media Center to record in any another format. The reason for the format lock-in, is so that copy protected broadcasts would be recorded with DRM, which popular formats like Xvid are lacking.

    Please access Wikipedia article on DVR-MS to see what your options are in terms of editing.

    I have not been recording anything myself as of yet, but from what I've read elsewhere, Windows 7 Media Center now records in WTV file format, and you would need first to convert WTV to DVR-MS, by right-clicking the DVR-MS and choosing the appropriate action (conversion of copy protected recordings may not work).
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    You can use Format Factory ( Format Factory - Free media file format converter ) to convert. That is a really good programs which does conversions without quality loss.

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