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Thread: Windows 7 Installation & Upgrading Documentation from Microsoft

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    Post Windows 7 Installation & Upgrading Documentation from Microsoft

    Microsoft has made available certain documents touching on the subject of Windows 7 installation and upgrade:

    Manual Installation of Windows 7 Overview
    Discusses the Manual Installation method. You can upgrade to Windows 7 by installing a clean copy of the operating system without keeping applications, and you can easily transfer your files and settings from the previous Windows version. You can optionally upgrade computers running Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 to Windows 7 while keeping your applications.
    Automated Installation of Windows 7 Overview
    The Automated Installation method for installing Windows 7 is for businesses with an information technology staff that sometimes use partners to help with technology adoption. We recommend this method if your business has 200–500 client computers, at least one location with more than 25 users, and managed networks based on Windows Server, possibly in multiple locations.
    Automated Installation To Upgrade Windows 7 Step-by-Step Guide
    This guide describes how to use the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 to automate Windows 7 installation from the image that Microsoft ships on retail or volume license media, including automatically installing applications, device drivers, and updates after installation.
    Upgrading to Windows 7 with a Standard Image Overview
    This document discusses upgrading to Windows 7 by using the Standard Image method. This method is for businesses that have an information technology generalist on staff and that often use partners to help with technology adoption. Use this method if your business has 100–200 client computers with a small network, possibly in multiple locations.
    Upgrading to Windows 7 for Small and Midsize Businesses
    This document helps people who are responsible for upgrading to Windows 7 choose the best deployment method for their environments. Whether you’re an enthusiast in a small business who has been nominated to deploy Windows 7 or a full-time IT pro with years of deployment experience, this article helps you identify your scenario and match a deployment method to it.

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    Now, this is one very useful post.

    Thanks for putting it all together.

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    Useful one

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    Awesome post! Bookmarked.

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    thanks for this very useful and informative post

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    Bookmarked it !! a very nice and useful post.....

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