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Thread: Can't get gadgets in Windows 7

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    Default Can't get gadgets in Windows 7

    I can't install any additional gadgets in Windows 7 -- I can't even download them.

    When I go to Windows Live Gallery and click on Download, the Install, nothing happens. No gadget installation, not even a download. (I'm particularly keen on getting Sticky Notes online, Sticky Notes Online, but I'll settle for being able to download any gadget.)

    The gadgets that came with Windows 7 work fine. Those gadgets appear in my Gadget Gallery and in my Gadgets folder; the ones I try to get don't appear anywhere on my computer. I'm simply unable to download any new gadgets.

    Any help in getting new gadgets would be appreciated.

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    try seeing the Fix it for me blog or go to the Windows 7 page for help.

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    Which version of Windows 7 are you using? Not sure but in Beta maybe, if one had UAC disabled, one was unable to install gadgets. That is ofcourse no longer the case in its final version.

    The solution then was to create a new DWORD (32 Bit Value) with name “AllowElevatedProcess”, set its value as “1”, in the following registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Sidebar\Settings

    So let us know which Windows 7 are you using? And how is your UAC set at?

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