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Thread: Windows 7 Product Guide

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    Default Windows 7 Product Guide

    Just in case that was not posted yet:

    Download details: Windows 7 Product Guide

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    No it has not been posted so thanks for doing so. I feel it is important that you look at things carefully before going ahead with them. That way you are sure of what you are doing.

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    No, it was not posted here, but posted on The Complete Windows 7 Product Guide & eBook from Microsoft | The Windows Club on 30th Sept.

    I had managed to come across it (the source links were subsequently removed) & luckily downloaded it and uploaded it to my servers and made it available as a download.

    Good to see it now being available as a download from Microsoft.

    Its a great guide! Thanks for posting whs!

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    I must say Windows 7 Product Guide is the best free e-book available for Windows 7. Everyone should go through it.

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    Yes Andy!!! the pdf is being provided by TWC is much smaller and handy as well. official Pdf is also the same thing but could be a problem for low bandwidth users.

    @tweakWindows ! Right said. one of first and the finest resource available at no cost.

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