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Thread: Help - Windows 7 P2 installation

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    Default Help - Windows 7 P2 installation

    I have a pentium 2, 260 mhz , 224.0 mb ram & and also a pentium 3 , i think it has 96mb ram,, want to use the p3.

    I download the windows 7 rtm build 7600 , created iso, burned it to dvd.

    I put the dvd in , dvd not play, just ran my regular hard drive windows 98.

    (I can open the file,see all the files, boot, sources, setup, bootsect.exe.mui etc, etc)

    I have it set to boot from cdrom first, checked my master and slave settings all is correct..

    I then formatted my other p3 pc, tried to run the windows 7 dvd, and didnt install.

    Also, i don't have any xp, vista boot cd's, (unless a barts works )

    Im sure the it'll work, and im also sure the the dvd i burned the file to is fine. \\ i tried to open it on win 98, says please upgrade your version of windows,

    tried to open it in ms-dos, says this program cannot be run in ms-dos.

    I thought i need to install the windows aik (auto install kit) to make it work

    any help? Thanks.
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    First take a look:--
    Windows 7 system requirements - Microsoft Windows

    and it could be solution for you. Use Imagex and apply the particular edition from Windows 7 WIM Image to C: drive and boot your PC to configure your environment.

    It'll skip all installation process.

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