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Thread: Upgrade from Vista to 7 - Partitioning Allowed ?

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    Default Upgrade from Vista to 7 - Partitioning Allowed ?

    I have a newly purchased notebook with Vista pre-installed and an included disk upgrade to Windows 7 which is free if executed prior to Jan. 01 , 2010. I have read that upgrade from Vista is painless ( while from XP it requires full format ).

    1) Is the upgrade disk a COMPLETE install ? Or is it dependent upon Vista embedded files that remain on the disk?

    2) Is it possible to create new, additional partitions at the time of upgrade ( as I would do if I were making a format and clean install instead ) ?

    3) What happens to data files in EITHER instance ?

    Thanks guys. I am sure this has been raised previously. Sorry for any duplication of request. I am new here.

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    Just do the upgrade as it is a compelte ugrade to 7 as you have the opportunity. If you've not used your pc much it wont make any difference to you. Don't know the answers to the rest.

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    The answer and method to the first question are here:
    Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media

    You can make new partitions during the install if you have unpartitioned space or are repartitioning the entire drive.

    Presuming your data files are stored on the same partition as your vista install then:
    If you are doing an upgrade your data files are still there.

    If you do a clean install to a new partition (dual boot) your data files are still on the old partition.

    If you do a clean install and repartition or format the entire drive you will need to restore your data files from a backup.

    Either way do a backup of any data files you can't afford to lose. Windows 7 installs much better than any previous version but it isn't worth taking any chances.

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