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Thread: Windows 7 & dell keyboard problem

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    Default Windows 7 & dell keyboard problem


    I'm very happy with my new WINDOWS 7. It came installed on my nice new DELL STUDIO ONE 19. All this new technology takes some getting used to, but two weeks in and I've just about got everything the way I like it. Not, of course, without a few frustrating changes here and there that make you wonder "Why on earth did they have to change that?" And since for 24 years I've had nothing but laptops, I just knew the move to keyboard and mouse would be something of a trial. Even then, I just couldn't believe it possibly that to save just a few cents, DELL would give me a keyboard with no little light to indicate whether the caps-lock was on or off! Grrrrrrrrrrr.... I emailed DELL and they sent me a link to a program which when downloaded didn't like Windows 7 at all! But fortunately Uncle Google came to the rescue with this link below which is rated for Vista but seems to work OK with Windows 7. And I'm happy to recommend it to anybody else who feels let down by DELL over the no caps-lock warning light.

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    ^check correctly, they provided a little light near the caps key, or beneath it !! like what they do in there laptops....

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