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Thread: windows 7 never creates a scheduled restore point

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    I thought about it a little more and forgot one more thing.
    Even if you have the Task Scheduler set to create restore points, it will not create a restore point if you have restore points less than 7 days old. So basically if you have manually created restore points, set up applications which create restore points and so on, if there are any restore points within a week, Task Scheduler will not create one

    Reference from Microsoft here

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    many thanks to UntameDKre and R.K..
    at this point of time, i think the replay of UntameDKre:
    Restore Points (Windows)
    may be the correct explication of the missing creation of R.P by the task scheduler..
    so i will evitate to create restore points for the next 7 days to see the results

    giuseppe cavalieri

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    Useful link UntameDKre. Nice read. Thanks

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