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Thread: How to add sub menu to Windows 7 Quick Launch ?

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    Default How to add sub menu to Windows 7 Quick Launch ?

    How do I add a sub-menu to the quick launch bar? I have several items I want to add to the quick launch bar but I want to have them grouped. Example I have several applications that I use for multi-media and rather than having them appear as single items on the quick launch bar I'd like to have one icon with a fly-out menu when clicked and the fly-out would have an icon for each individual application.

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    I don't think you will be able to make fly-outs. At least I have never heard of that. You can, however, group them together by dragging them one behind the other (you may have to unlock the taskbar for that - don't quite remember).
    Another possibility is to make seperate toolbars for them. 3 or 4 toolbars are OK - after that it may get crowded. Give the toolbar folders short names because it is the length of the name that determines how much space they take on the taskbar.
    Have a look at the bottom right of my desktop picture - the 4 to the right of "Links". This is Windows7, but it is the same for Vista. In Windows7 that is the only chance you have because they put away with the Quick Launch ( and the tweak is no good).

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    hi !

    not sure what you mean exactly, but here is one solution:

    1. right-click with your mouse→toolbars→new toolbar→new folder
    2. go to the new folder→create a new sub-folder
    3. put links to the programs in the sub-folder

    clicking on the sub-folder then opens a new window showing your links.

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    Ah - short thinking on my part. I had not thought of adding toolbars. For now this will work.

    I had already grouped icon together (it is not necessary to unlock the bar) but part of my problem is that I got too many things on the Quick Launch bar on one of my Win7 systems and I have to use the dropdown at the end of the launch bar to see some of the items (this is not good).

    I was trying to avoid the pop-up window just because I normally have a bunch of windows open (20-30).

    The tweak I found for the Win7 launch bar worked great for me.

    Sorry but my desktop is a bit of a mess, following is my taskbar with the quick launch bar.

    Well I thought I was going to attach an image but I cannot figure out how to do it. I've read the help but it is not helping me.

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    Pls see

    Or just post the image url here without the http/www and I will fix it up for you

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