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Thread: Windows 7 Sync Center

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    Exclamation Windows 7 Sync Center

    I use Sync Center to keep copies of my office server folders on my laptop so that they're available when I'm not in the office. Basically they are a couple of mapped drives on my laptop.

    The problem is that the OS doesn't seem to know when I'm not connected to the server folders. For example, when I'm out of the office but connected to the internet with a hotel's network, my mapped & sync'ed drives show up as "Offline" but any activity that uses Windows Explorer (i.e, File-Open or File-Save) takes an eternity as the OS tries to find the mapped drives over the internet.

    If I'm truely off-line (no network connections at all) Explorer does not behave this way.

    Is there some way to tell the sync function that I'm not connected to the server and "don't bother looking"?

    The only reference to this issue I've found in MS documentation is to set "Work Offline". This option is only available when you are actually connected to the sync'd folders (on my office network or VPN'd to my office network).

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