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Thread: Disk space problem after installing Win7

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    Default Disk space problem after installing Win7

    I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I'm very new to this message board.

    here's my problem, I was having some trouble with my laptop after upgrading so I decided to do a clean install. I completely reformatted my hard drive. I did the clean install and just this morning did I realize out of the 130g that my HD has, I only have 10 usable gigabyte. does Windows 7 really need that much space or was it an error on my part? I'm a novice with computers.

    thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who can give me some information that'll help me out.

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    First of welcome to TWCF, Windows 7 should not be taking up that much space. On a clean Install it should only need around 20 GB for 64-bit and 16-GB for 32-bit.

    You said you formatted the HDD before installing, I just want to ask if you formatted the entire drive or just a partition?

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    I suggest the following:

    1. Post a snip of your Disk Management
    2. Run WinDirStat which will tell you what's on your disk. If you cannot make sense of it, post the left top quadrant (you'll see) and we will help you decypher it.
    3. Run the following command in an elevated Command Prompt (run as administrator). You find Command Prompt in All Programs > Accessories.
    vssadmin list shadowstorage
    Give us the 3 numbers (used, allocated, maximum) for your C partition.
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    This is just a suggestion but i would try it.

    Open the start menu and go to all programs---> Accessories--->System Tools--->Disk Cleanup

    Try running that and after its done scanning your computer (if this is the problem) it should say previous windows installations, check it and continue with the cleanup.

    Sometimes when you install a new OS over an old one its keeps all of your data from your old installation stored on your HDD.

    Hope i was of some help

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