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Thread: How to enable or disable safe mode ?

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    Default How to enable or disable safe mode ?

    How can I disable safe mode ? Any registry hack or something??? Just want to know.

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    Came across this freeware app Enable/Disable SafeMode

    Enable/Disable SafeMode by Shocker, ShockingSoft

    I have not tried it!

    There also appears to be a shareware NoSafeMode which disables the F8 key.

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    Run Registry Editor (Type Regedit in StartSearch box or Run dialog and press enter)

    Go to - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\SafeBoot

    Now rename its subkeys Minimal & Network to Minimal.backup & Network.backup respectively or something else....

    I recommend... don't delete these subkeys... renaming subkeys will help to revert back to default, instead of deleting.

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    Messing with system registry can lead to BSODs and that isn't so nice.
    Blocking the keyboard completely, including Master Boot Record modifications can also be only partial solution since eg. it is not useful in dual boot systems.

    The solution I have found is Disable Safe Mode - Microsoft Windows command line tool (
    I've tested it on several far I'm satisfied.
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