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Thread: Make windows 7 desktop slideshow change wallpaper at specific time

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    Default Make windows 7 desktop slideshow change wallpaper at specific time

    I enabled the Desktop Slideshow in Windows 7. I selected the desktop wallpaper to change once a day. Only thing I don't like is it changes the desktop wallpaper everyday at 8 PM. I thought that maybe it set the time to change by the time I implemented the Desktop Slideshow; so I disabled the Slideshow and re-enabled it at the time I wanted it to change. No good it still changes at 8 PM. Anyone know if there's a way to change the time that the slideshow chages the wallpaper or is this the default time for once a day change and can't be changed?

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    Hello MTerrien and welcome to TWCF.

    Without a 3rd party app, it can't be modified or tweaked to do what you require. You could try Automatic Wallpaper Changer 4.7.53

    Its free to use and will allow you to set it up as you require.

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    Lightbulb Desktop Slideshow...

    Hi MTerrien,

    You could always try setting the background to change every 12 hours, the same way you changed it to 1 day, and it would be safe to assume that the picture would change at 8am as well as 8pm.

    Unless you wanted the pictures in a certain order this would be a quick way to fix your problem.


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    If you do not want to download software you can create a .bat file to set the reg value to "0", then setup a one time task to run the .bat file at the time you want the desktop screen images to change. I started with a blank notepad and entered this line;

    reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Personalization\Desktop Slideshow" /v LastTickHigh /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

    Then do a File -> Save As and name it Something.bat Then click the start button, enter "Task Scheduler" in the search. You should see Tash Scheduler at the top of the list; click it to open the program. Click "Create Basic Task... " on the right side of the screen. Enter all the form info needed on each step. Leave your computer logged on, if you're on a multi user PC, or leave it powered on until your task runs. The next time you unlock your computer or 24 hours after the time the task ran (if it ran successfully) you should see the image change. It worked for me I hope it works for you.

    *Note: To save a .bat file you need to have "Hide extensions for known file types" unchecked in Tools -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> Advanced settings.

    Hope this helps,

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