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Thread: Virtual Machine Queries.

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    Default Virtual Machine Queries.

    Hi everyone, I am a brand new member of this site, I have a question about an idea I had regarding virtual machines.

    I have a large selection of the free antivirus/spyware programs that are out there, which I would like to periodically run, as most people will know some will pick up what others do not.

    I have one problem with this - these programs are so intrusive and resource hungry, and many refuse to co-operate with each other. For example AVG free will not put up with just being used as an antivirus, it wants to protect your computer real-time and these extra processes sometimes cannot be entirely disabled without uninstalling. I already have a satisfactory real-time protection set-up (avast) and I do not want real-time protection for my real-time protection :-)
    I only want to utilise the benefits of occasionally running different scanning programs.

    I thought that if I could run them all on a virtual machine that accesses my host system's HDD I would bypass this issue -- but is it possible??!
    I have windows virtual machine, with XP mode, a normal XP image and Server 2003.

    Any help will be much appreciated!!


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    Sure ... you can do that just as long as your VM can view the host hard drive. You would need to direct the virus scanner to scan a particular drive. Assuming your main machine is called 'MyBox' ... just map a drive letter (in the VM) to \\MyBox\C$ (or whichever drive you want to scan). In a command session you could accomplish the mapping like this:

    NET USE X: \\MyBox\C$

    or you could do it in Windows Explorer by browsing to "\\MyBox\C$" and mapping it from there.

    However ... why would you want to do this? Sounds like overkill to me.


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