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Thread: Desperate Help Needed with Verizon USB 760 and RACM

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    Angry Desperate Help Needed with Verizon USB 760 and RACM

    I am ready to toss my brand new ASUS desktop out the second story window along with my Verizon USB wireless modem (Novatel 760).

    For 2 weeks I have been connecting to internet just fine. All of a sudden last week it stopped. Modem is recognized but when hit connect get " access denied - connection not available" Further investigation turns up "error 711 - cannot start remote access connection manager in time"

    have tried multiple work arounds as found on various chat rooms but nothing seems to work. I cannot use the ASUS emergency disk for trouble shooting because there is a problem with one of the files on it - so I'm on my own and of course cannot download anything.

    I am using our old XP server temporarily and the modem works just fine so I know its a Windows 7 issue. Verizon's position is that it is a MS problem. I dread having to call MS but I really need some immediate help in walking me through trouble shooting. Are there any reputable pay per call help services that I could try?

    Thanks, Sharon

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    I don't know if you have tried or not but, have you tried restarting the Service?

    I wrote a application to Tweak the Windows Services here at TWC, but it also includes settings to switch all Services back to factory default. Might give it a try and see if it resolves the issue

    The issue itself is the Service that you are needing is disabled
    Tweak Windows Services with SMART Utility : HomePage | The Windows Club

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    Mine has been doing this more and more over time, they limit your service so you will upgrade. ALL that you need to do is uninstall it and then re-install it and it will work. For awhile to say the most for Verizon.

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