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Thread: Strange 'Pause' when loading ...

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    Default Strange 'Pause' when loading ...


    I recently performed a clean instal of Windows 7 onto my pc. However, I have hit an odd problem which is hard to articulate.

    When I open anything, ie Word, Excel, Outlook, the Internet etc the product opens and the opening screen can be seen clearly but then it's almost like there is a moment's hesitation before it finally 'places' itself on the screen. It's rather like a small pause in the loading process. This is particularly irritating if you open Tasks in Outlook - every single one of them 'pauses' for a brief moment before 'setting' on the screen.

    Does this make sense to anyone, and how do I stop it from happening?

    Many thanks

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    Do you think it freezes for a few moments?

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    That was one of the issues I had with Kaspersky Internet Security that caused me to move to ESET Smart Security. Every program paused like that for several seconds.

    Could it be your security suite?

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