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Thread: Call for help - 100 MB Partition in Windows 7

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    Default Call for help - 100 MB Partition in Windows 7

    Hi Folks, Need some advice here.

    I was reading on deleting the 100 MB system Restore Partition which gets created in Windows 7. -

    Well, the organization where I work, is not going with BitLocker and would be using other encryption techniques.
    I want to understand, What are the implications and disadvantages on removing this partition? (other than automatic system repair). Kindly advice.

    Vijay | MS-MVP

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    If you delete this partition, your system will not boot any more. The 100MB partition is the "active" partition (check it) and contains the MBR. Unless you transfer the MBR to C, you will be in trouble if you delete it.

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    It is not advised to remove this partition, it is reserved to store boot files only.

    1. It contains bootable files to boot your computer in recovery mode.

    2. Enables BitLocker on Windows partition Windows 7 BitLocker Executive Overview

    3. Keep safe system files while troubleshooting boot problems.

    4. It does not use the standard sector zoning format and keep safe boot files from virus.

    You should just keep it, unless you have a good reason to remove it. There is nothing wrong with having this small boot partition, even if you never intend on using bitLocker.

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    I agree with that can't just delete the partition, I have done the fooling....

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