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Thread: BSOD @ starup lead to safe my system restore, now it boots into black screen

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    Default BSOD @ starup lead to safe my system restore, now it boots into black screen

    So last night i noticed Windows 7 64 was bothering me about an update. Being tired and wanting to go to sleep i clicked shut off without update. But as it was shutting off it still said "applying update". Took around a minute then it shut off. Then this morning as i was trying to boot it, it went through BIOS then the normal swirly windows 7 colors. Then as it went into the screen after that, the one that normally shows me my log in, i got a BSOD.

    The listed reason was driver_irql_not_less_or_equal. I didn't think enough to take note of anything else. I went through the same cycle a few times until i tried to start in safe mode, which said "Loading files", then black screen and bios start again. I tried safe mode again and i got in. Thinking it was the windows update which caused this (which i still do), i did a windows restore to about 6 days ago. Having to leave i left it do do its thing, and when i returned it was just a black screen with my mouse. I shut if off with the power button, unplugged it for thirty seconds, then tried to start it up. As soon as i power on, it goes through BIOS, then the windows logo saying "Resuming windows" then the black screen with my mouse. It doesn't respond to anything at all. I will also add that my dual monitors are still in extension mode (i.e. i can move my mouse from one black screen to the other.)

    So what do i do now? I tried googoling it but i can't find anything. I would describe my level of expertise as above average, but I'm no expert. I still have my windows reinstallation disk that came with the dell. Thanks for any help!
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