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Thread: Drives/Partitions not being displayed in DiskPart/Disk Management........

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    Default Drives/Partitions not being displayed in DiskPart/Disk Management........

    Very odd issue and Googling resulted in a thousand issues that didn't help.
    I have a 250GB Hard Drive in my Toshiba. I have 3 Partitions. C(OS), D(Backups) and F(Visual Studio).
    I need to install Vista on F from USB and loaded Diskpart to go through the process of using the thumbdrive and noticed it only listed my DVD, SD Card and my Thumbdrive.
    I pulled out the SD Card and Thumbdrive and opened Disk Management and the only drive listed is my DVD drive.
    Opened My Computer and everythings there that should be.
    I then Right-Clicked C and went to Hardware and low and behold the only drive listed is the DVD drive.

    To add: Just checked Device manager and HDD is not displayed there as well

    Has anyone else had this issue and how did they resolve it? I have no idea when this began other than within 2 weeks as I haven't had to open Disk Management lately.
    I am about to do an Error Check but I don't think it's a Drive issue. I think somethings actually hidden the drives from the Disk Management utility which is odd.

    Windows 7 x86 Home Premium

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