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Thread: Reliability Monitor - No data, reliability history missing after system recovery

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    Did you see what I wrote at the end of this posts?
    My Reliability Monitor works again! I found an unusual way to make it running again.


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    I did not do it (yet). I'll take a closer look at it. I printed it out as well as the MS link. I am a novice in these matters, but I think I will have to give it a go, since the 'problem' is still there. I see the Reliablity Monitor reset clean, wich is the result of the reset as explained. So, if I do all as explained in this post, I'll come to the result as now: seeing a blank table. Maybe it is just a matter of time? Remember, I fixed the operating system using my previously made dvd. Maybe it reacts as if my win7 is freshly installed?

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