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Thread: FIX: Recent Items partially disappeared in Windows

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    Unhappy FIX: Recent Items partially disappeared in Windows

    Hi there,
    I'm writing from Italy, please forgive my bad English....

    I have W7 installed on my laptop.
    I was using an old TWEAK and my "Recent items" list has been reduced in number (the folder stores up to 10 recent files and folders). The list that I see from my Menu bar is 5 files only while, previously, was 10 (it doesn't show folders, only files).
    I don't know if, before, the "Recent Items folder" contained files and folders or only files but, now, there are 5 files and their folders (i.e. 5).
    How can I set again to see 10 recent files (better 15 if possible....)
    It happened when I have run that hell of TWEAK (designed for XP)

    Please, help me. I'm getting crazy with this issue
    I've tried TWEAKER 2.1 but it doesn't help me
    Stefano from Italy

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    Open Notepad and paste the following into it:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer]
    Save this as 15recentitems.reg (make sure to Save As Type: All Files). Now Double-Click the reg file you created and hit ok to merge it with Registry. Your Recent Folder should now display up to 15 items.

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    sviciani is offline New Member
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    Unhappy Sorry...

    ========================= 07:20 italian time

    Hi LW,
    thanks for your help, but it doesn't work...
    When I double click, it asks me for the administrator password (I don't have any password set). I click OK and it alert me about risks.
    I continue and it gives me a message that the new setting has been added to the register.
    In spite of that, the Recent Items folder keeps only 11 items (filed and folders together) as before.
    I've also restarted the computer but nothing changes.

    BTW, I don't know why W7 asks me for the administrator password.
    Till yesterday (before trying to recover above problem) it asked me only for a confirmation and not for a password.
    Why is it doing this? I have just one user and no password set......

    Thanks for helps

    ========================= 07:38 italian time

    Thanks a lot LW.
    Following your suggestion, I've opened Regedit looking for a double setting of "MaxRecentDocs".
    Bingo! It was right after the new setting suggested by you (therefore that became the working value)
    I've replaced the old value with 14 (20 in decimal) and I got up to 20 recent items.

    Regarding the password request.... I don't know why.......
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    Thank you for answering, Ive got the same problem. Good thing it was solved now... Thanks a lot


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    Glad you got it working before waiting on an answer from me. Sometimes I get sidetracked on one of my projects and don't get back to respond quick enough.


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