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Thread: These files can't be opened. Your internet security settings prevented one or more

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    Question These files can't be opened. Your internet security settings prevented one or more

    Windows 7 - 32bit
    Intel Q6600
    4GB DDR2

    A problem has developed in the last few days that I have been unable to solve.

    When I try opening certain files a Security dialog box pops up.

    It also happens when I plug in an external USB hard drive.

    These files can't be opened
    Your internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened.

    Depending on what I am trying to open, a different file is given in the pop-up box Details.

    In the case of an external USB hard drive, normally an Explorer window would open.

    I can see the drive in Disk Management, it says it is Online but no drive letter is assigned to it. I assigned a drive letter, then tried a Quick NTFS Format which just seems to freeze the system.

    A Google search shows other people having similar problems but the only solution posted is changing some of the Internet Secuity options which in my case doesn't fix it.

    My anti-virus software had found and removed a virus just before this all started, so I am thinking some security setting had been changed by the virus, but I have no idea what. Any suggestions? System Restore is not an option. I already tried that but there is only one Restore point and it is dated after the problem started.

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    Did you read this ?
    I am thinking some security setting had been changed by the virus,
    Do also scan with Malwarebytes 1.46.

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    first lets talk about dinotify.exe it is a system file which helps in application launch in windows. this file is hidden and we do not access it manually.
    But few spyware programs code(create) files with similar behaviour. this spyware files can alter the system file and then we encounter problem at launch of applications (like opening files,USB plugging etc.)

    Now since it is not advisable to work on system file dinotify so very first step remains Scanning PC with a GOOD Spyware program (also in safe mode)......

    and tell does it works ?

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    Alternate Solution for same error message.


    Microsoft Downloads - in my case those from the Microsoft Update Catalog,

    but it has also been reported those from Web Update,

    Microsoft Downloads Create file / path names in Windows 7 64 bit greater than the maximum allowed within Windows 7 64bit. Note you cannot create over length path names manually in Windows 7.

    The maximum is 260 characters including 3 character drive designation plus 1 character <null> terminating character.

    The maximum is 256 not counting the drive designator ( i.e. C:\ ) and also not including the <null> terminating character at the end. So the entire directory path plus the file name should be less than or equal to 256 characters. Excluding the three ( 3) character drive designator "C:\" from the 256.

    In my case the path downloaded from Microsoft by Microsoft software was greater than 270 bytes in several cases.

    The result was the same error.

    These files can't be opened.

    Your Internet Security settings prevented one or more files from being opened.

    Either of the following solutions worked:

    Copy the file to a much shorter directory.


    Rename the file in place so that the entire path, including the file name, is less than 256 characters.

    Obviously in these cases the error message is misleading.

    It appears this may be a default error message that pops up when the real error is not identified.

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