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Thread: help with corrupted external hard drive

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    Default help with corrupted external hard drive

    Is there a way to see the names of the files (Or the folders) on a corrupted drive (Cyclic redundancy check" errors) before i format it?

    I recently (about a month ago) bought a 500GB Western digital external hard drive and i noticed it keeps running when i turn my laptop off. My theory is that i must have forgotten to unplug it from my laptop and it must have kept running for an extended period of time. Anyway it started making a ticking noise one day and stopped working for a few minutes but it did start working correctly again and stopped making the ticking noise. However now my computer informs me that i must format the drive because of "Cyclic redundancy check" errors i believe. I'm not too annoyed about this as long as the drive keeps working, i didn't have anything too important on there, But i was wondering if you helpful people could tell me if there is a way for it to show me the names of the files that are on the drive before i format it. I can't remember most of what was on the drive and what is on my laptops hard drive but it would be very helpful to know. Thanks in advance

    windows 7 64 bit laptop

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    Maybe this can help. Never tried it myself but looks promising: CRC Errors - JFileRecovery

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