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Thread: Administrator rights

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    Default Administrator rights

    Hi friends, my first post to this forums and surely not the last one.

    I am leaning to use Windows 7 with a book called Windows 7 Bible, in that books says that Windows 7 has two different types of administrators.

    -The build-in Administrator
    - User account with administrator privileges.

    To access the build-in administrator it says that it can be done booting in "Safe Mode", I know how to boot in Safe Mode, but how to get into the build-in administrator?

    Thakns for your time.


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    you can get access as built in administrator rights as Local user and Groups you may follow as

    1.Open Local Users and Groups in Windows 7: Open the Start menu, and type lusrmgr.msc in the search line and press Enter.
    If prompted by UAC, click on Yes. and You can now set and manage the Local Users and Groups settings.
    2. In the left pane, click on the Users folder.
    3. In the middle pane, right click on Administrator and click on Properties.
    4. To Enable the Buit-in Administrator Account:
    A) Uncheck the Account is disabled box.
    (and you can disable also at some other time)
    5. Click on OK.
    6. Close window and Log off, and you will now see the built-in Administrator account log on icon added (enabled) from the log on screen.

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    Default Where is my PC?

    Hi kunu, thanks for your answer.

    I tried as you said, and the lusrmgr.msc opens, but it sadi in the midle panel.

    This computer is running Windows Home Premium. This snapin may not be used with this version of Windows. To manage user accounts for this computer, use the User Accounts tool in the Control Panel"

    Of course, the "User Accounts tool in the Control Panel", does not let me go forward of the normal user account, "but with privileges".

    So finally I do not get the "real administrator" ...... What I world I own a PC, but it's just an illusion

    Is there a way I can log as the build-in Administrator?

    Thanks for your time.

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