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Thread: Internet connection problem with Windows 7

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    Default Internet connection problem with Windows 7

    Hi everyone. I have a brand new Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium, using a Zyxel router for wireless internet. My ISP is Post Office. I can connect to the Internet OK and use Google Chrome browser, but every so often, several times a day, the internet connection stops working, i.e. the internet light on the router goes out and I have to wait, sometimes for several minutes, before the internet comes back. The Post Office have had my line tested by BT and I am getting 95% of the available 7.9MBPS as far as the router, suggesting the problem is between the router and the laptop. I have tried various different channels on the router, e.g. 5,6,7,11, and 13, but they're all the same. I had this same problem with XP but was able to fix it by changing DNS and TCP/IP settings, which I can't seem to find in Windows 7. I have read a suggestion about flushing the DNS from the command prompt but am reluctant to attempt this without some expert advice. The Post Office are unable to help any further

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    What model is your zyxel router and how long have you had it. Some of the older models have serious issues with dropping connections. Have you tried attaching your modem to your pc without the router to see if your still getting connection issues? Tried replacing the ethernet cables?

    Also do you have the guest account activated on Windows 7 and is it being used. I don't know why but when users use the guest account in Windows 7 and have a router attached it completely fudges the routers connection when switching users.

    There can be numerous reasons for the disconnects. Just a process and elimination.

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    That's a Production Fault i believe
    Try to fix another router , get borrow to friends or relatives to find out the problem only inyour router or in serves provider server

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