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Thread: Right Click menu on desktop slower than...... well, it's pretty slow....

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    Default Right Click menu on desktop slower than...... well, it's pretty slow....

    For some odd reason the right click menu has decided to become like REAL slow.... having to wait approximately 20-30 secs for it to appear. Just started doing this about a few days ago. Under advisement from another site, I used ShellMenu View from Nirsoft to check things out (Very useful program, BTW), disabling various ones and checking performance of the Right Click to no avail. I haven't installed any new programs in a fair while. Everything else is just VERY quick.... except for the right click menu on the desktop. I can just about get a cup of coffee waiting for it....

    Any ideas out there ??????

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    Something is slowing down your explorer.exe... Does it happen only the first time? And maybe the second time onwards it opens up normally?

    Apart from using ShellMenuwView, you can also see if something here helps you.

    Also see Right-click is slow or weird behavior caused by context menu handlers

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