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Thread: Right click on file causes windows installer to start!

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    Default Right click on file causes windows installer to start!

    On Windows 7 ultimate SP1, when I right click on a file a windows installer window appears.
    When i cancel this a second window appears which states "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-Rom or other removeable disk that is not available."

    "Insert the Nero Express 10 disk and click OK"
    When i cancel this window the context menu appears as normal!

    I did have Nero 10 installed but removed it months ago. Also I've searched the registry and the computer for any other reference to Nero!

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    My suggestion would be to use the windows Installer Cleanup Utility (but it seems to have retired.LOL)
    So maybe... browse to your hidden Windows/Installer folder and look for a remnant of Nero 10 (msi file)...might give you a hard time finding it.
    And/Or use the right click (cleanup) utility from this forum (and remove any Nero extensions)

    Right-click-context-menu-extender-for-windows-7 developed by our TWCF member L.W
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