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Thread: Question about Sailing and Surfing themes for Windows 7

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    Default Question about Sailing and Surfing themes for Windows 7

    Well, my question is that if you use them, then you see when you want to shut down your PC, it says sth like "wait, windows explore is closing..."
    I think its because the exit sound is a bit long.
    I wished it would be a bit short, so wouldn't see that message.

    Anyway, its the way it works and its not the bug, right?

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    You could test your theory by changing the shut-down sound. You can do this in Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Sound. Select the Sounds tab and try changing the Exit Windows sound.

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    I dont think its the sound which could be causing the delay, but yes, you could test it as suggested by Corrine.

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    Same here ASHO.. I love the sound affects

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