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Thread: Help with dual-Win7 HP installation please

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    Default Help with dual-Win7 HP installation please

    Help please. I want to install a new version (bought DVD) of Win7 HP on my clean hard drive (A in a computer presently running Win7 HP on C: drive. (This was an upgrade version from Gateway and is problematic!) Specific instructions needed as to how to dual-boot with the same OS (if possible???) Otherwise I will want to access my two other internal hdd's (D and J) for all my data and backups. Sound confusing??? hope not. .....Try again - have A drive clean. Have C drive Win7 HP installed and running the system. Have D and J drives as data and backup data (full files - not condensed nor 'backup'-style files) All progs on C. All data on D (and J as backup). Want to install a fresh Win7 HP on A. Can I do it? How?


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    Your best bet would be to install it on another HDD than the current /7. Unplug all HDDs (pull the power cable) except the one where you want to install it. When you are done, replug everything and change the Boot order in the BIOS.

    That gives you 2 completely independent system without any headaches. And if you want to get rid of the old system, just delete the volume in Disk Management when running the new system.

    With the data from the old system you can deal in different ways.

    1. Just move it to the new systems folders
    2. Create a Data Partition from the old system and INCLUDE the folders into the libraries of the new system. Then they are always in sync for both systems.

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