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Thread: Disabling balloon tips interferes with WiFi icon ... ??

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    Default Disabling balloon tips interferes with WiFi icon ... ??

    Where I live the internet access I have is the kind where you have to open a browser and before being able to access the internet must first go through a login page. The first page you view shows a login screen and after a successful login you are then granted internet access.

    The thing is, every time I connect to this network, Windows "helpfully" shows me a balloon tip that says something along the lines of "additional login may be required... etc, click here to open your browser". This is annoying. Yes, I know I have to log in. I do it every time. I hate seeing this popup.

    So I edited my registry to remove all balloon popups. I don't mind removing them all because I rarely find any of them actually useful anyway, but that one is the most annoying. It is utterly useless. Even if I was not aware than login was required, I would soon discover it by, duh, trying to browse some website.

    Now I can start up and not see this balloon "tip". Fantastic.

    But here are the problems:

    1. Even though the tip does not appear, clicking on the WiFi icon still "helpfully" loads up my browser. This happens even if I already manually started Firefox and logged in to access the internet. The first time I click the WiFi icon, every time, it will start a new instance of Firefox, even if it's no longer necessary.

    2. After the first click, all other clicks on the WiFi icon DO NOTHING. Yes, now when I left-click the icon, I do not get the little window that lets me connect or disconnect from the network. Nothing comes up, at all. I still need access to this window.

    I know it's the registry hack that does it. If I turn balloon tips back on, there is no problem. As soon as I disable balloon tips, it's broken again.

    All I want is for stuff to work and also not be annoying, is that too much to ask?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauly View Post
    All I want is for stuff to work and also not be annoying, is that too much to ask?
    Unfortunately, as much as I appreciate Windows, it has, for far too long, been too much to ask.

    Wish they would allow us more control of our purchased operating system!


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