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Thread: Windows 7 Fatal errors

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    Default Windows 7 Fatal errors

    I am compying and pasting what i posted on techguy thats why there are updates and nobody answered me there.

    so windows out of nowhere won't come out of hibernate so I rebooted and windows runs incredibly slow and won't open any programs I have tons of error message that appear randomly will post pics

    Wont let me post links but most were I/O error code 0xc0000185 for various programs

    new info ok so now windows will at least boot and let me open programs and i have yet to see another error message however it keeps hanging alot and is just running slow in general. In addition, it keeps changing the visual settings on hits own. For instance the taskbar changes from red like it normally is to the kinda defalut blue that windows 7 starts on. The only thing i have done is rebooted a few times and before the last reboot which allowed me to start opening programs we realized our little siblings had put a ps2 disc into the cd drive. We removed it and rebooted magically i could boot windows. Any advice appreciated

    Also, when it switches to the default blue (randomly) perfromance greatly suffers and my internet connection changes from wireless to not connected through a wired connection??

    next I created a repair disc... didn't work it won't boot it starts to load and I get an error message I/O 0xc00000e9

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete444 View Post
    Wont let me post links but most were I/O error code 0xc0000185 for various programs
    Pls post the links without the http/www and we will edit the links.

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