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Thread: Change ScreenSaver timeout setting in Windows 7 [How To]

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    Default Change ScreenSaver timeout setting in Windows 7 [How To]


    They've disabled the ability to increase the timeout for the screensaver on our PCs. I used to use TweakUI for this. Does anyone know of a Windows 7 utility that will do this?

    Update: Here is a complete guide to change screensaver timeout settings in Windows.

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    You can change screensaver timeout settings as follows:

    Right click desktop > Personalization settings > Select Screensaver. Choose value under Wait.

    Else you can do it via the registry also.

    Open regedit and navigate to the following location

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Wind ows

    Here in right pane, right click Windows and select > New > Key. Name it Control Panel.

    Now right click on this Control Panel and again select > New > Key. Name it Desktop.

    Next click on Desktop key to highlight it. Now in the right pane, right click empty space > New > String Value > Type ScreenSaveTimeOut > Enter.

    Now right click ScreenSaveTimeOut > Modify > give it a Value Data in seconds.

    Should help!

    You can also check out Ultimate Windows Tweaker, a TweakUI for Windows 7 & Vista | The Windows Club.

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